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whenever there’s a person talking about history. the first thing comes to my mind was I want to fly to any places with my friends and try to learn about the culture,food,music and etc about that place. :)


The Mirror got a look at some of the new technology for FIFA ‘14. From the article:

A dynamic team element has been added to marking so that players can hunt in packs – sensing when the opposition are under pressure – but the most decisive change is the way that individual players will now have more intelligence when it comes to sticking tight with a man or letting him go.

To balance this out, there have also been refinements to the dribbling system that mean you can turn more precisely and realistically when sprinting, but the ball is no longer unrealistically glued to players’ feet – providing the same effect as last year’s first touch tweaks.

The plan was to make people think about sprinting a bit more, ensuring that a reliance on searing pace wasn’t the only way to dominate games and therefore encouraging a variety to play.

Helping this variety flourish is the introduction of far superior shielding function, where players can use the left trigger to make their player put their body between the ball and an opponent.

Now available even when sprinting, the description of right trigger as a ‘sprint’ and left trigger as a ‘brake’ perfectly sums up how this functionality will be brilliant in differing the styles of attack we see, with stronger, slower strikers now seeing their stock rise.

Needless to say it will be a handy addition in midfield and defence too, with centre-backs able to hold off yapping strikers and the expert ball retention of Xavi and Iniesta coming further to the fore as they occasionally jut their body in front of an opponent’s desperate lunge.

This looks to be a huge improvement to the recent editions of the games.

when I was a kid I like to draw me and my brosta we were coloring the wall and pretend I was dancing with him in the rain.then after the rain stops I saw the rainbow and all I can think of the rainbow is color how nature will change for everyday lives.

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